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Why I now do what I do

My world turned upside down back in 2005 when i was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Glandular Fever.  After suffering with sluggishness and being unable to do the things I was previously and not knowing why, this was a relief to be told I actually had something wrong.

I come from a background of intense physical demand and also at the time, I was half way through a medical degree.  

In 2007 after finishing the degree I moved to New Zealand where I started to focus more on my health status, I was looking for something different that worked for my body.  I had tried many products previously but with no help to what i was experiencing.

Thats when I found the health difference.  My body loved the change in habits, increasing the good stuff and becoming more positive, and i started to see changes within weeks.

NOW....I am now back competing in Trail running, Football & Mountain biking to a higher level than before and looking to complete a few big endurance challenges in the near future.

I can focus at work which is highly important for me and my clients.

My body feels great, and its all due to feeding it the right nutrients, being more positive, and doing the things that I love to do...HELP OTHERS.